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Audit Committee


The Committee is drawn from a range of membership backgrounds and expertise.

Responsibilities include:
Improving Corporate Governance having regard to the Accounts and Audit Regulations 2015.

Audit Committee membership of 8 with the option of co-opting an independent person
Reports to Council

The Quorum at meetings of Council or any of its Committees is half of its membership. If, during the meeting of the Council, a Quorum of Members is not present then the meeting shall be adjourned immediately.
If the lack of Quorum only relates to particular item(s) then that particular item(s) shall be deferred.
The remaining business will be considered at a date and time fixed by the Chairman. If he/she does not fix a date, the remaining business will be considered at the next Ordinary Meeting.
Except where authorised by Statute or ordered by the Council, business shall not be transacted at any meeting unless the quorum as set out is present. Fractions of numbers are to be rounded up.

Articles of the constitution section 2

Terms of reference section 5

Council procedure rules (standing orders) section 7

Making recommendations for approval by the Cabinet on aspects of Audit both internally and externally

Meeting Dates and Documentation available here

The Committee is made up of:

George Connolly (Vice-Chairman)

Councillor Image

Nathan Desmond (Chairman)

Councillor Image