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Council Structure

Appointments and Appeals

Responsibilities include:

Hearing Personnel Appeals

Appointment of Divisional Heads


Audit Committee

The Committee is drawn from a range of membership backgrounds and expertise.

Responsibilities include:

Improving Corporate Governance having regard to the Accounts and Audit Regulations 2015.

Reporting issues of concern to the Cabinet.

Making recommendations for approval by the Cabinet on aspects of Audit both internally and externally



Responsibilities include:

Guiding and co-ordinating the overall direction of the Council through the formulation of Corporate Plans, Objectives, Priorities and Programmes.

Together with the Overview & Scrutiny Committees, keeping under review the effectiveness of all the Council's activities and the standards and levels of services provided and identifying the need for new services.

Considering, co-ordinating and recommending to the Council new policies or changes in existing policies.

Making decisions within the budget and policy framework determined by Council.


Cabinet Member and Officer Decisions

This is for documentation only. There are no membership details.



The ultimate decision making body on Council policy and practice consisting of all 33 elected councillors.

Responsibilities include:

Determining the Budget

Appointing Leader.

Appointing the Regulatory Committees, Overview and Scrutiny Committees and any other committees/forums to conduct the Council's business


Ethics and Standards


1. Promotes and maintains high standards of conduct by councillors and co opted members.

2. Assists the councillors and co opted members to observe the Members' Code of Conduct.

3. Advises the Council on the adoption or revision of the Members' Code of Conduct.

4. Monitors the operation of the Members' Code of Conduct.

5. Advises, trains or arranges to train councillors and co opted members and on matters relating to the Members' Code of Conduct.

6. Grants dispensations, if necessary, to councillors and co opted members from requirements relating to interests set out in the Members' Code of Conduct.

7. Considers complaints against any member relating to alleged breach of the Code of Conduct, to make findings of fact and decisions in respect of the action to be taken, and where necessary to make recommendations to full Council.

8. Exercises (1) to (7) above in relation to the parish councils wholly or mainly within the Wyre Forest District area and the members of those parish councils.

9. Recommends approval and adoption of relevant codes, plans and policies

10. Oversees the whistle blowing policy;

11. Oversees the complaints handling and Ombudsman investigations.

12. Keeps the operation of the constitution under review so far as it relates to ethics and standards of behaviour.


Licensing and Environmental Committee

Responsibilities include:

Hackney Carriage and Private Hire Vehicles

Public Entertainment Licences

Street Trading

Moneylenders, Pawnbrokers, Scrap Metal Dealers, Sex Shops and other Licensing matters.

Also manages fees and charges and protects the environment in relation to noise and other statutory nuisances.


Overview & Scrutiny Committee


Planning Committee

Responsibilities include:

Determining planning and related applications

Planning Enforcement matters

All matters relating to conservation areas

Tree preservation orders


Building preservation notices

Advertisement control

Listed buildings

Footpath diversion, stopping up and related matters.


Worcestershire Regulatory Services Board

Previously Worcestershire Regulatory Services Joint Committee. This is for documentation only.

Note: The Worcestershire Regulatory Services Board is a newly established Board (previously it was the Joint Committee). At its meeting on 25th June 2015 the Joint Committee agreed to recommend partner councils dissolve the then current Worcestershire Shared Services Partnership on 31st March 2016 and constitute a new partnership comprising of the six district councils on 1st April 2016 along with a service level agreement between the new partnership and the County Council for the provision of trading standards and animal health services. The Joint Committee was dissolved on 31st March 2016 and a new partnership comprising of the six district councils constituted on 1st April 2016.




Councils Constitution.

Wyre Forest District Council