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Paul Harrison

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Annual report and review 2023/2024

Name of Member: Councillor Paul Harrison

Ward: Wribbenhall & Arley

Section 1: Attendance at Council, Committee and Sub-Committee meetings

Name of Committee No. of meetings held during the year No. of meetings attended
Council 5 5
Licensing & Environmental 5 5
Licensing Sub Committee 4 4
Overview & Scrutiny 10 9
Planning 8 7

The calendar of meetings is agreed at the beginning of each municipal year. Occasionally the need arises for additional meetings to be arranged at short notice which not all Members are able to attend due to previous commitments. The table shows only the meetings in the agreed municipal calendar: additional meetings are ignored.

This represents an overall attendance of 94%

Other attendance Number

Period of Extended Absence, (e.g. Maternity leave/Sick leave):


Number of meetings attended as a substitute:


Section 2: Mandatory Training Completed

Training Activity Date attended
Licensing Training 25-05-2023
Housing Training 15-06-2023
Community Housing: Housing Induction for members 24-07-2023
Corporate Parenting 30-01-2024
Refresher training Licensing – online 29-04-2024

Other training Number of modules completed
Core e-learning
Additional e-learning
Cyber security training
Section 3: Community Involvement

I attend meetings of Bewdley Town Council, part of which is in my Ward and of which I am a member. I also attend as many meetings of Kidderminster Foreign Parish Council and Upper Arley Parish Council as I can, to keep up to date with current concerns in their areas of my Ward. Issues raised by the Parish Councils may be pursued with District Council officers.

I am pleased to report that the Management Committee of Bewdley Museum has acquired a new and positive attitude following the District's change of administration and the appointment of Cllr Tracey Onslow as Cabinet Member for Culture, Leisure, Arts and Community Safety. This is a marked contrast to the ‘Progressive Alliance' years, in which the Museum, Guildhall, and Queen Elizabeth II Gardens were regarded as disposable. Meetings are now forward-looking.

Part of the Ward, in Wribbenhall and Kidderminster Foreign, is subject to flooding by the River Severn in the winter. The flood defences at Wribbenhall are now under construction by the Environment Agency and being funded by the Government and Worcestershire County Council. Completion of the work is planned for next year, 2025.

Bewdley Town Council has allowed the use of part of Riverside North Park for the parking of the Environment Agency's plant and equipment during the construction of the defences. The Agency will restore the Park to its former condition at the conclusion of the work.

Several editions of our ‘Wribbenhall and Arley Matters' leaflet have been distributed this year, keeping the Ward residents informed of the activities of myself and my Ward colleague Cllr John Byng.

Section 4: Assisting Constituents

As a Ward Councillor, my main activities have been aimed at providing a service to the residents of my Ward by keeping them informed about local issues and responding to their complaints and enquiries, which involves telephoned and e-mailed enquiries and visits to resident's homes.

The Local Plan, which I opposed, marked four sites for development in Wribbenhall and Arley Ward. The sites at Kidderminster Road, Habberley Road, and Low Habberley are now under construction, with only Stourport Road remaining undeveloped.

Section 5: Supplementary Information

As Chairman of the Licensing and Environmental Committee I have represented Wyre Forest District Council on the Worcestershire Regulatory Services Board on four occasions. The Board meets at Bromsgrove.

I have also represented the interests of Wyre Forest residents at the Health Overview and Scrutiny Committee. This body usually meets monthly at County Hall, but one meeting during the year was held at Worcestershire Royal Hospital and incorporated a visit to the then uncompleted new Accident and Emergency Department. I attended all ten of the meetings and also the visit to the Elgar Mental Health Unit at Worcester.

I have supported the charity fundraising efforts undertaken by the Mayors of Bewdley, Stourport-on-Severn, and Kidderminster during this year.
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Paul Harrison


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