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Sarah Rook

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Annual Report and review 2019/2020

Section 1: Attendance at Council / Committee and Sub-Committee meetings

Name of Committee No. of meetings held during the year No. of meetings attended
Council 7 6
Audit 4 4
Members Forum* 3 3
Overview & Scrutiny 7 7
Strategic Review Panel 6 4
* Due to a change of date, attendance at either of the October 2019 meetings is counted.

This represents an overall attendance of 89%

Period of Extended Absence, (e.g. Maternity leave/Sick leave):


Number of meetings attended as a substitute:


Section 2: Mandatory Training Completed

Training Activity Date Attended
New Members Induction 08.05.19
Accessing Council IT 09.05.19
Planning ** 09.05.19
Local Plan ** 20.06.19
Audit & Introductory Treasury Management ** 15.05.19
Treasury Management ** 02.09.19
Scrutiny ** 16.05.19
Capital Portfolio and Development Loans Fund Business Case Viability * 20.05.19
Code of Conduct Statutory Code of Conduct and Members Responsibilities * 13.05.19
Chairmanship and Vice Chairman ** 03.06.19
Licensing ** 05.06.19
Introduction to Housing Council's role and responsibilities 06.06.19
Safeguarding Agenda * -
Commercialism * 17.06.19
Corporate Parenting -
Domestic Abuse Awareness 09.12.19

* Desirable for returning members as a refresher
** Required to sit on the Committee

Core e-learning
No of modules completed Additional e-learning
No of modules completed
3 7

Section 3: Community Involvement
I volunteer with several community groups including H.E.L.P and the BIGLOCALDY10, but also groups that benefit not only my area but Wyre Forest as a whole. I regularly attend local community group meetings such as Horsefair and Proud, Friends of Broadwaters, Friends of St Georges and Friends of Springfield and assist them wherever I can.

Section 4: Assisting Constituents
I regularly assist residents with all kinds of issues mainly housing or a.s.b issues. I send leaflets out and engage with residents via email and social media on a daily basis. My contact information is widely available and utilised.

Section 5: Supplementary Information
My volunteering back ground gives me a great insight into how communities really work, from the grass roots up. I feel privileged to be able to represent the area in which I live and Wyre forest as a whole.
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Sarah Rook


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22 Ismere Way
DY10 2YG

Mobile: 07557 912638
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