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Liam Carroll

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Annual report and review 2023/2024

Name of Member: Councillor Liam Carroll

Ward: Offmore & Comberton

Section 1: Attendance at Council, Committee and Sub-Committee meetings

Name of Committee No. of meetings held during the year No. of meetings attended
Appointments and Appeals 0 0
Audit 1 1
Cabinet Advisory Panel Corporate Plan 2 1
Council 5 5
Overview & Scrutiny 1 1
Planning 8 8

The calendar of meetings is agreed at the beginning of each municipal year. Occasionally the need arises for additional meetings to be arranged at short notice which not all Members are able to attend due to previous commitments. The table shows only the meetings in the agreed municipal calendar: additional meetings are ignored.

This represents an overall attendance of 94%

Other attendance Number

Period of Extended Absence, (e.g. Maternity leave/Sick leave):


Number of meetings attended as a substitute:


Section 2: Mandatory Training Completed

Training Activity Date attended
New Members Induction Session 10-05-2023
New Members Code Conduct Training 10-05-2023
Planning Training 15-05-2023
Online Audit Training 24-05-2023
Licensing Training 25-05-2023

Other training Number of modules completed
Core e-learning
Additional e-learning
Cyber security training

Section 3: Community Involvement

As a dedicated councillor for the ward of Offmore & Comberton, I am deeply committed to fostering community involvement and engagement.

My tenure as a trustee for Worth Unlimited Kidderminster was an enriching experience that allowed me to contribute to the growth and support of our local youth. Although the organisation has closed, the impact of its programs will be long-lasting in our community.

Currently, I am actively involved in the 'Save St. George's Park Paddling Pool' campaign, advocating for the preservation of this essential community asset. This initiative is not just about saving a paddling pool; it's about safeguarding a space that brings joy, fosters family time, and encourages outdoor activities among children.

Additionally, my role as a match day volunteer at Kidderminster Harriers Football Club is another avenue through which I connect with the community. These diverse roles underscore my commitment to enhancing the lives of our residents and ensuring that our community remains a vibrant place for all.

Section 4: Assisting Constituents

As a dedicated representative of the Offmore and Comberton ward, I am committed to being accessible and responsive to all residents.

My goal is to ensure that every resident feels heard and supported. Residents can reach me via phone or email for any inquiries or concerns. Additionally, I am active on social media platforms like Facebook, X (formerly Twitter) and Instagram, where I regularly share updates about my community work.

To stay connected with the local issues, I conduct weekly walks throughout the ward, actively seeking out casework that may require attention. Moreover, I hold surgeries throughout the year to address individual concerns in a confidential setting. Door-knocking sessions have also provided me with the invaluable opportunity to meet many residents face-to-face, understand your daily experiences, and discuss how we can work together to improve our community. Your voice is essential in shaping the future of our ward, and I am here to listen and act on your behalf.

Section 5: Supplementary Information

As the youngest councillor on Wyre Forest District Council, I am deeply committed to voicing the perspectives and concerns of our young residents. My election as the first ever Labour councillor for this ward marks a significant milestone. In February, I was honoured to be elected as the Leader of the Labour Group on the council, a role I accept with the utmost responsibility and enthusiasm. At 22, this appointment also signifies a national record, positioning me as the youngest leader of a Labour group in the country. My dedication to our district is unwavering, and I am eager to continue advocating for policies and initiatives that will benefit all members of our community.
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Liam Carroll


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3 Broom Crescent

DY10 3BW

Telephone: 07494 581429
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