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Mary Rayner

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Annual Report and review 2016/2017

Section1: Attendance at Council / Committee and Sub-Committee meetings
This section has been completed by Democratic Services and lists all Council and Committee meetings, including how many meetings of each, you attended for the period from Annual Council on 25th May 2016 to the end of April 2017.

Name of Committee No. of meetings held during the year No. of meetings attended
Council 6 6
Licensing & Environmental 4 4
Licensing Sub Committee 1 1
Members Forum 4 2
Overview & Scrutiny 8 7
S106 Monies Review Panel 2 1

This represents an overall attendance of 84%

Period of Extended Absence, (e.g. Maternity leave/Sick leave):

Sick leave w/c 27/02/17

Number of meetings attended as a substitute:


Section 2: Community Involvement

Organisations and community groups that I have been involved with during the year has been most of the park groups in Broadwaters. I have attended a large number of their meetings and helped them with some of their events, and work in the parks including litter picking. I also periodically litter pick around the area where I live. I have helped BRAG with litter picking encouraging the children around the area to also engage in keeping the area tidy. I also support and help the group Horsefair and Proud.

I have also attended meetings and activities of the Sion Avenue Residents Group. I am in regular communication with the local TCC group and I have also helped them to resolve some of their concerns.

I have also been engaging with the local scout and beaver groups here in Broadwaters, and supporting them when they have asked.

I have attended most of the Partners and Communities Together meetings and have liaised closely with our local community police on several important issues concerning cars speeding, traffic issues in various parts of the ward, as well as parking issues around the whole of Broadwaters and as a result I now sit as an observer on the traffic enforcement review group and liaise with them on parking issues along with the Police and Highways.

I also liaise closely with Worcestershire Regulatory Authority with monitoring of areas of pollution who are keeping the PACT group informed of pollution hotspots.

As a Trustee of the Community Housing Company I have been able to support and attend their meetings and when asked supported them in their initiatives in these very challenging times.

I have helped to facilitate some residents to form another group and join neighbourhood watch.

Section 3: Assisting Constituents

I have been managing a case load of about 3 or 4 a week over the last year from constituents, they generally contact me face to face when they see me in the ward as I regularly walk about the ward, or phone me or contact me by email. I try to keep them informed of the progress of their concern and raise it to higher levels if necessary. I try to respond to people within 24 hours when possible. One of the key concerns other than cars parking on the roads and pavements, continues to be Dog Fouling. I have responded to peoples' request for extra litter and dog poo bins when requested, which have appeared to alleviate the problem.

Section 4: Supplementary Information

Being a retired Health Care Professional I have found people contact me with concerns about the health care they are receiving , these can be wide ranging and I can signpost them to the appropriate organisation that can support them.

I am also member of the youth trust, as well as community housing.

I am also interested in the local scout group and the disability action group and sight concern.
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Mary Rayner


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23 Dunnington Avenue
DY10 2YS

Telephone: 01562 748564
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