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Sally Jane Chambers

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Annual Report and review 2018/2019

Section1: Attendance at Council / Committee and Sub-Committee meetings

Name of Committee No. of meetings held during the year No. of meetings attended
Council 5 5
Members Forum 3 3
Planning 9 8

This represents an overall attendance of 94%

Period of Extended Absence, (e.g. Maternity leave/Sick leave):


Number of meetings attended as a substitute:


Section 2: PACT Meetings

Number of Meetings Attended: 4

I have attended regular pact meetings for the branch of Foley Park and Hoobrook which are held 4 times per year. Interacting with the local residents and local policing team, discussing local issues and the solutions moving forward.

Section 3: Community Involvement

I am an elected member of the Kidderminster Town council. As such I am able to bring a parish council view to WFDC and visa versa.

Section 4: Assisting Constituents

I have regularly taken on case work from constituents helping them with a number of issues including housing, neighbour dispute, issues with dog fouling, litter and pavements.

My ward collegues and I regularly deliver local new leaflets to constituents within the Foley Park and Hoobrook area which contain our contact details. I have canvassed local residents discussing local issues. I publish my contact details via the WFDC website and interact via social media including the specific Foley Park notice board and the Silverwood group pages.

Section 5: Supplementary Information

As an elected member I challenge the council to ensure that services are marketed well and that services fulfil the constituent's requirements.

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Sally Jane Chambers


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179 Sutton Park Road
DY11 6LF

Telephone: 01562 745114
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