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Online Payments

Welcome to Wyre Forest District Council's secure online payments service that allows you to pay council bills over the internet using your debit or credit card.

(We are now taking Credit Card payments for Council Tax, NNDR and Penalty charges).

How do I make a Debit Card Payment?

Click the following links to Make a Payment, or read on if you require further information/explanation of the process.

  • Council Tax E-Payment
  • NNDR E-Payment
  • Invoice E-Payment
  • Building Regs E-Payment
  • Penalty Charge Notice (Parking fine) E-Payment
  • Housing Benefits Overpayments

  • What is an Internet Payment?

    Internet payments allow you to pay Council issued bills, initially for Council Tax, NNDR and Building Regulations, but further services will be added in the future. You will be requested to enter account and payment details. Once entered the data will be validated, and the payment authorised with the bank. Once your payment has been accepted a unique transaction reference will be allocated and displayed back to you to enable a receipt to be printed.

    What services can I pay for?

    At present you can pay your Council Tax/NNDR bills and Building Regulations Fees over the Internet using any of the DEBIT / CREDIT card types listed below. We anticipate introducing Internet payments for additional Council Services in the near future.

    What payment cards can I use?

    The Council currently only accept payments over the Internet using any of the following card types:

    Electron Card

    Maestro Card

    Solo Card

    Switch Card

    Visa Debit Card

    Electron Card

    Maestro Card

    Solo Card

    Switch Card

    Visa Debit Card

    How will I know if my payment has been successful?

    When you have finished entering your card details, and confirm you want to continue with the payment, there will be a short delay while your card details are validated. If your payment is successful, a receipt will be displayed which contains a transaction reference number. Please make a note of this number in case you need to contact us about your payment.

    If an error occurs, your payment will not be processed, and a message explaining why it has failed will be displayed.

    Is it safe?

    We will receive your payment card details using a secure server. This means the transaction is encrypted between your machine and the Council's server.

    Traditional website addresses begin "http" - the address for a secure site will always begin with "https" and the padlock icon located in the bottom right of your browser status bar indicates that the page being displayed is using a secure connection.

    Please check now that you are using the official Council's Online Payments web site. You can do this by checking the address box at the top of your screen which should only display:

    If you wish to check the secure status of our server for yourself, please click on the following Secure Site logo.

    Payment Process

    Once your payment card details have been submitted to us and your payment card company have approved the payment, the payment will be processed within 3 working days.

    Terms and Conditions

    To view the Terms and Conditions of using our Internet based OnLine Payment service please click on the Link.


    OnLine Payment Enquiries

    If you have any Enquiries regarding OnLine Payments please click on the Link.


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